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Welcome to the Chintz-N-Prints Blog! My name is Laura and I  am  the 3rd (third) generation to run the store. I write the blog  to share what is going on and what's new! I write about new arrivals, articles we appear in, movies we apprear in, vintage fabrics, customer projects and so much more! I try to mix it up and keep it interesting and keep you all connected through the blog to see what is new at the store! Hope you enjoy and check back frequently cause you never know what you'll see! Thanks for reading!


Snow Birds

By chintznpri20223285, Jan 15 2019 05:44PM

Hi all:

I was on vacation in Huatulco, Mexico and while at the concierge desk, I was flipping through a local "gringo" magazine. -THE EYE-

This article caught my eye, as well did a recipe for "Mexican Piggie Cookies", but this one is more appropriate for our fabric store blog. However if you want recipe, just send us an e-mail. In the meantime, enjoy the article.

Welcome Back

Oops , Did your Sofa Cover Get a Bit Tatty Over the Summer? By Sheryl Novak.

" Be they snowbirds or year-rounders ex-pats, Northerners who make their homes in Huatulco can be taken aback at how hard the climate, especially the sun and salt air is on their furniture. Upholstered furniture and cushion covers can deteriorate at an alarming rate."

Until a few years ago there were just two options for sofa and sectional cover- leather or fabric.

There is now an online store that offers a different option for your ocean-front home: furniture upholstered in high preformance fabrics. (sorry not advertised in this article but you can come in to chintz-n-prints ct and we can help you locally, if in Hualtuco, look up Sheryl)

Here comes the interesting part.....

"Performance fabrics were originally created for the military, quickly caught on with sports apparel industry. These fabrics then became the material of choice for awnings, outdoor furniture and boating, and now, they have been picked up by furniture indusrty to give longer life to upholstery. In the past, a sofa might have the average life span of 5 to 8 years. With preformance fabrics, the forecast is 20 years or more. Basically, you'll get tired of the sofa, before your sofa tires you.

Sometimes referred to as smart textiles, these fabrics resist fading, repel liquids, prevent stains from dirt and oils. These textiles are also fire-retardant and prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold. Although you might think they feel hard or plastic, that are soft and comfortable.

Before being woven into fabric, each individual thread is coated with nanofibers. Once woven, the entire fabric is coated again. The best part is that these easy-care preformance fabric covers are available in hundreds of great designs and styles.

To test out whether preformance fabrics can really pass muster, we did our own inhouse test. We poured red wine on a white preformance fabric and left it overnight. (We also spilled a few tears when we used up the red wine!) With high hopes, we checked the fabric in the morning and true to the hype, the red wine came right off with just one swipe of a cloth. No stain! (For those interested in seeing this experiment with your own eyes, bring over two bottles of wine and we'll show you- one for the experiment and one to drink while we wait!)

In the past few years, due to the demand for this type of textile, production has increased and the price per square meter has dropped significantly, making furniture covered with preformance fabrics more affordable. For ocean-side homes, in humid environments, there is simply no better choice then stain resistant, stylish and affordable sofa preformance fabric."

Ok, so many of you are wondering why we are posting this? Well to answer that burning question...

These fabrics are not only great for your vacation home wherever that might be (Cape cod, Nantucket, Florida, Mexico or your cabin in Maine). They are great for your home. Do you have kids ( then you have wine too), pets, kitchen/dining room chairs, an in-home office, a pool area, or even a mudroom then preformance fabrics are the way to go.

We have several suppliers that offer these types of fabric and they range in prices from $25- $100 per yard, depending on brand. (REGAL, KRAVET, ROBERT ALLEN/DURALEE, and BARROW to name a few).

And YES, we would be happy to preform the same experiment.. don't forget the wine.

Happy Drinking.. oh I mean SHOPPING.

Thanks for letting me share.

Regal _ Journey Preformance fabric
Regal _ Journey Preformance fabric
Same fabric see how water beads.  Then just wipes off.
Same fabric see how water beads. Then just wipes off.
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