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Welcome to the Chintz-N-Prints Blog! My name is Laura and I  am  the 3rd (third) generation to run the store. I write the blog  to share what is going on and what's new! I write about new arrivals, articles we appear in, movies we apprear in, vintage fabrics, customer projects and so much more! I try to mix it up and keep it interesting and keep you all connected through the blog to see what is new at the store! Hope you enjoy and check back frequently cause you never know what you'll see! Thanks for reading!


Welcoming Winter

By chintznpri20223285, Nov 29 2018 04:48PM

Old man winter has arrived early, or so it would appear. Is your house ready? If not we can help.

Do you have drafty doors or windows? We often forget that we get drafts fromour basement and attics in addition to the doors and windows we use every day. Have you ever stood in your kitchen or bathroom and had a cold spot, think about what is below you, window, door or hatch?

Simple solutions that can help cut down on your heating bills.

Cover your exposed basement/attic (dormer) windows with clear vinyl, it is an easy installation and can give a good thermal barrier. We suggest staples for a wood frame and hot glue or all weather silicone for metal window frames. Ideally, you should replace the drafty windows, but this is a great cost effective DIY solution and it will make a difference.

For the doors and windows you use everyday, you need a more flexible fix. We sell a variety of thermal linings that can be added to almost any window treatments. They can be added as a permanent barrier or as a supplemental one. You may not know but when you use a thermal lining, not only does it keep the heat in and drafts out, it also keeps the cool in and heat out in the summer months.

There are a few types of thermal linings we sell.

1. Bump cloth- Best used as a permanent addition, as it is used between the face of the drapery and the lining of the drapery ( if one is present).

2. Black out lining is a dual purpose lining, serves as a thermal barrier and light barrier. Great for bedrooms or theaters.

3. Interlining-Best used as a permanent addition, as it is used between the face of the drapery and the lining of the drapery (if one is present).

4. Lustre nap- Is perfect for any draperies. It has a sateen finish on one side and a napped finish on the other. (We also like this for lining a quilt or comforter. )

So, if you have a drafty home stop in and let one of our sales consultants direct you to the best solution to abate drafts from your home.

Below are some photos of the linings available ( not great references, but if you stop in we can show you) and the clear vinyl ( it is truley clear). As well as the specifications of the linings available.

Keep warm.

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