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Welcome to the Chintz-N-Prints Blog! My name is Laura and I  am  the 3rd (third) generation to run the store. I write the blog  to share what is going on and what's new! I write about new arrivals, articles we appear in, movies we apprear in, vintage fabrics, customer projects and so much more! I try to mix it up and keep it interesting and keep you all connected through the blog to see what is new at the store! Hope you enjoy and check back frequently cause you never know what you'll see! Thanks for reading!


By chintznpri20223285, Oct 10 2018 08:11PM

I know we have boasted about working with production companies in the past and it is always exciting to be an insider even if it is ever so slightly. Of course we can not mention what we are helping them work on, but it would appear the 80's are very popular, as are cheap hotels from any time frame and law offices. Dramas, SYFY, comedies and biographies all need to have a place to be set. We do not often pay attention to what is in the background, but take a second, picture your favorite show, series or movie. Now picture it with only a white screen behind it, what effects do you loose?

I will admit I have noticed more back ground settings then ever before. Just the other night while watching "LETHAL WEAPON" Tv series,the characters are sitting in a boat that is going to be refurbished and behind them are fabric books from companies we carry. Trend and Robert Allen, it set the scene and defined the space and added to the story. I do not think I would have noticed that a few weeks ago, but since so many new faces from a variety of production companies have been coming in to look at our stock, borrow our books and of course buy fabric for scenes in upcoming shows, it has changed my perspective.

Lets just say, when the productions are released and we get the ok to list some of the new shows, we will. But for now just a teaser; Netflix, Amazon, CBS, Pacific 2.1 Entertainment, Paramount, TVM Productions just to name the most recent few who have been keeping us busy.

Today, one of our regulars, who does set designing for WCSU Theater was in and she informed us that the old @1930-40 cash register we had in the store for sale was used in a movie. "THE BOOK OF HENRY" . YOUTUBE has a clip of the scene on-line it is in the "GUN SHOP" you can barely see it, but we know it isthere.

The next time you are watching a show, series or movie. Stop a minute and think about how they did that and where it came from, it could be from your hometown store.

We want to give a shout out to each one the amazing and talented women that have been in the store, with the daunting task to make your imagination come to life. They truly are the art behind the craft. Thank you for all you do to entertain us.

Kendall, Heather, Sarah, Kim, Mary, Ellen and Sara.

See you all soon!

By chintznpri20223285, Sep 21 2018 02:43PM

Hi all

One of our previous students who started in the Basic Sewing Class has really, made an impression. She has been taking some additional classes, since her initial class with us, but I think it is fair to say, the Basics Class ingnited a spark.

I know she has made many things; but we wanted to share just one of them.

We are so truly impressed by how far she has come and want to thank her for sharing her work with us.

Thank you Carolyn!

To learn more about the class, please see our web page labled "Lessons" or call the store.

Happy sewing everyone.

By chintznpri20223285, Sep 17 2018 06:03PM

As we all get older, we need a bit more special attention. Thank goodness not everything is a throw away. Or we would be in trouble. PHEW!

So, keep those good piecesof furniture. As many of you know, some of your family heirlooms or your favorite sofa (not the one you let the kidsor pets on) has good bones. Why throw them away for a lesser quality? There are very few fabulous furniture makes anymore, and the ones that do exist, can be expensive, so keep those pieces, just give them a facelift. Reupholseting a good piece of furniture can be very cost effective, if you find the right fabric and of course the right workroom to do a good job.

We are not trying to put furniture stores out of business, we need them; they have a definite purpose, but so does that well made, but worn out sofa in your great room. Why recover? Well, you like the piece, it is comfortable, it fits the room size and style, memories, no added waste to land-fill and most of all, you can!

Over the last 60 years, we have worked with many outside resources to assure that your home's seating is as beautiful and comfortable as the day you bought it and at a cost you can live with.

The Newtown Bee on 9/14/18 did a feature about old is new, and we could not agree more. (see below) To view the article, please go to or stop in and see if we can continue the legacy. Pictures of the pieces you wish to have facelifted are wonderful and can give us an idea of the best fabric and workrooms for the job.

See you soon.

By chintznpri20223285, Aug 24 2018 07:09PM

Did you know?

The first U.S. Labor Day was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City, planned by the Central Labor Union. The Labor Day parade of about 10,000 workers who took unpaid leave and marched from City Hall past Union Square uptown to 42nd street, and ended in Wendel’s Elm Park at 92nd Street and 9th Avenue for a concert, speeches, and a picnic.- This according to

It is extrodinary how it has evolved. We now view it as a day to celebrate our contribution to the working class, we use it to mark the end of Summer, we enjoy the company of our fellow town's people by sitting side by side to watch a parade march down our town center and of course the last Summer BBQ.

Chintz-N-Prints is part of the parade almost every year, but no one ever knows. We are often represented on one of the "floats".

This year we are descreetly in the parade again, look for us.

Hint below.

We hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day, a smooth back to school week and an amazing end to your summer.

Thank you to MaeSchmidle, and Melissa Houston for helping us be part of the parade.. we love to see what is made from our fabrics.

See you at the parade.

By chintznpri20223285, Aug 3 2018 04:57PM

As we all know, it feels incredible to lend a helping hand, do a charitable act or even extend a smile.

Recently, we had some amazing women in the store looking to do all of the above. A diverse group of women from all over the world have decided to seek a new home here in the United States. They all worked together to create an atmosphere accomplishment, unitary, fellowship and creativeness, as they learn how to intregrate into a new culture, home and languages. They are doing this with the assistance of an organization called IRIS.

Part of IRIS' mission statement :

"IRIS helps refugees on the road to self-sufficiency by providing lifesaving support during their transition to life in the United States. IRIS case managers greet refugees and take them to apartments–rented by IRIS and furnished with donated furniture. After being served a warm, culturally appropriate meal and after having a good night’s sleep, our clients will begin the initial work of being integrated into the fabric of the United States. "

We would like to thank Ms. Fitz from a chapter in New Haven for letting Chintz-N-Prints to be part of the organization by accepting our donation of fabic for the women to use for what ever they wanted to create.

No matter what the group is working on, it amazes us on how dedicated, enthusiastic and united they are in their projects. Many of the women are making items they wish sell in hopes to create an income for themselves and families.

For more information on how you can donate please go to

By chintznpri20223285, Jul 16 2018 07:00PM





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